WELDY Energy HT1600 Overlap Welding Kit

WELDY Energy HT1600 Heat Gun Kit (Overlap Vinyl Welding)

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The WELDY energy HT1600 is a compact and robust heat gun for use in an endless range of professional and DIY applications.

  • Up to 600 °C (1,112°F)
  • Easy-to-clean air filter
  • Heating tube protection for more security
  • Carbon brush stop and heating element protection provide automatic protective measures
  • Handy and reliable

The WELDY energy HT1600 heat gun is convincing with its up-to-date design, its solid overall performance and an unbeatable cost-performance ratio. The energy HT1600 overlap kit is your professional heat gun/hot air equipment for welding PVC and TPO membranes. the HT1600 Overlap Welding Kit includes:

  • Energy HT1600 Heat Gun
  • 20 mm (0.78") Wide slot nozzle
  • 40 mm (1.6") Wide slot nozzle
  • 40 mm (1.6") silicone pressure roller
  • Spare carbon brushes (for motor)
  • Storage Case