WELDY miniwelder tex2 Wedge Welder

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MiniWelder Tex2

Wedge Welder


 Article#: 154.883

  • Extremely lightweight, weighing less than 4 kg (~8.8 lbs)
  • welding speeds of up to 7.5 m/min (~25 ft per minute)
  • Revolutionary drive technology (without the use of chains)
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Automatic wedge positioning
  • Copper wedge

The Tex2 wedge welder is particularly suited for welding thin materials. Thanks to an optimized wedge geometry, thin (non PVC) membranes of 0.3–1.5 mm can be welded easily and perfectly. Starting the welding process is especially simple due to the revolutionary material guiding system. The Tex2 wedge welder is the ideal device for use with thin membranes.

Operation of the device is clear and intuitive. The operator can easily turn the heating and drive on/off with two buttons and adjust the welding wedge temperature and drive speed with the use of two rotary knobs. The current process status is indicated by two LED status indicators.